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Rapid Catalyst provides FREE digital marketing consulting services to charities, non-profits, and other altruistic organizations and qualifying businesses.


  • Regular 1:1 time with strategists & consultants

  • Google Analytics Optimization, Enhancements, Improvements

  • Google Tag Manager Optimization and Enhancements

  • Google Adwords Management

  • Google Search Console Management and Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization consulting

  • Search Engine and search network marketing consulting

  • Exclusive offers and discounts to other products and services from RC, Sponsors, Partners, and Advertisers

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The non-profit program at Rapid Catalyst not only helps charitable organizations expand their missions, but it is also used to build value for many of the same individuals and groups that benefit from our non-profit clients' work as well.

  • Education - Guided by expert consultants, we use each project as an opportunity to help those entering the workforce, making career changes, and enhancing their skills gain real-world practical experience.

  • Americans with Disabilities - We help provide job opportunities, generate income, and develop new business models to help those with disabilities and their families and caretakers.

  • Veterans - We help provide job opportunities, generate income, and develop new business models to help military veterans and their families re-entering the workforce.

  • Exposure & Cross Promotions - Program participants, sponsors, partners, and advertisers receive additional organic exposure to their missions and businesses through active strategic cross-promotions and business development efforts by Rapid Catalyst and its partners.

  • Research and development - Rapid Catalyst aggregates program data to help drive research and development efforts which help fund and improve the program.

  • Environmental Causes - Rapid Catalyst uses funds generated from its business operations to actively participate in the organization and funding of environmental cleanup, stewardship, and other environmental sustainability initiatives.

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