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Sitecore Manual Content Migration

Rapid Catalyst specializes in the manual migration of content for Sitecore redesign, development and migration projects. We provide solutions for our partners and clients that allow large volumes of content to be quickly migrated from a variety of sources into the Sitecore Content Management system.  Contact us today to talk about your Sitecore content migration needs.


Ideal for:


Unstructured Content

In project where content is coming from (or going into) systems using unstructured data types, the migration process requires a high degree of manual intervention to ensure it is loaded successfully. Rapid Catalyst architects systematic approaches to addressing these types of situations to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.


Content Relationships

During the planning phase Rapid Catalyst ensures that all content relationships are fully mapped to make sure that different content types and nodes throughout the system maintain their previous content relationships or match new mapping specifications.


Content Transformation

Sometimes (often) content needs to go through a transformation between its original system and Sitecore before it is ready to be loaded into the new system. RC builds the tools and procedures for this transformation based on the needs of each project.


Managing Content Workflow

Rapid Catalyst can ensure that content entered into Sitecore matches the workflow rules established during the discover or planning process, but can also support the manual management of workflows and approvals during the migration process.


Quality Control

By default RC will ensure all content appears according to expectations set forth in the business requirements and specifications document in up to one primary web browser. As an optional add-on, Rapid Catalyst can also perform additional spellchecking, , correction, and other content quality services.


Optional: Content Mapping

In the absence of a comprehensive content map between source and target systems, RC can provide this service or provide leadership to our partners in order to create effective mappings.  Ideally the Team Lead will own this process or be an embedded member of the content mapping team to help establish more effective migration and content management policies and project plans.


Optional: User Documentation, Training and Tips

The content migration effort often results in the creation of specific tools and procedures that may be helpful for future content editors of the same system.  As an optional service, Rapid Catalyst can document these procedures, recommendations, and tips as a deliverable and also provide training and support services to help transition the management of the final system to our partner’s clients.

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